Product Review: VP-GRIND.

A while back Erik Saunders over at VP-USA sent a box of pedals to be tested by the ValleySideDistro Team. One such pedal-set was the VP-Grind, which have been on test for the last four months by Mike Higgo – so today we finally caught up with Mike to hear a little more about the pedals. Read on to find out more about Mikes thoughts on the pedals…

“When I first got these pedals, I didn’t think they would last a few months like most thin plastic pedals these days – but I was wrong, they have done me well for around 4 months now and still going strong – they have been the best I’ve ran in a long time. The bearings are still running as good as when I first ran them, with no bearing play in them whatsoever. I’ve been doing pedal grinds on them aswell and the pins have worn down – but that’s going to happen so I just pick a side I’m going to grind on – then I still have pins on one side. I have recommended these pedals to a few people who I ride with and recommend them to you if you grind on your pedals.” – mike higgo (valleyside product tester/scattered bikes)

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