Product Reviews: Dartmoor Product Testing (Powered by Slam69)

After corresponding with Slam69 (Dartmoor UK distributor) on several occasions, I was flowed a range of Dartmoor goods – The plan was simple; Enjoy, promote, test and review!

Dartmoor Test Sessions - Powered by Slam69!

The postman delivered my Dartmoor goods back in January – I opened the box to find; 1x Dartmoor ‘Reflect’ stem (red), 1x Dartmoor ‘Strike’ bars (graphite), 1x Dartmoor ‘Chakra’ Headset (red), 1x Dartmoor ‘Core’ chain (red), 1x Dartmoor ‘Snake’ Gloves and 1x Dartmoor ‘Ride Your Way’ shirt.It’s now September – After nearly 9 months use, all the components are in sound working order – This is a VERY good start for Dartmoor!

One fine establishment...

Before I commence with a more detailed review, I would just like to thank Graham Foot, of Slam69, the UK distributor for Dartmoor – Throughout the process, Slam69 have been a brilliant establishment to work with. So, without further ado, the products: –

Dartmoor ‘REFLECT’ stem

The Dartmoor REFLECT Stem.

First impressions; Highly refined CNC machining, very light, sensible design.

The stems a fairly contemporary construction – No gimmicks, just a sensible solution, which is tried and tested.

However, whilst being constructed using contemporary methods, the reflect still has it’s own identity – This is evidenced through the uniquely shaped external out-shapes (CNC’d) – In addition, the interior is machined (hollow stem) – The end result is one very light body.

Excess material has been removed, through precision CNC'ing.

The stem has been designed for riders like Maciek Kiwak (one of the main product testers) – Maciek mainly rides Skateparks, Street and Trails – The stem has a 50mm extension which is perfect – And yes, it’s managed to ‘REFLECT’ everything Maciek had to throw at it!

It’s available in 5 jazzy colors!

Take your pick!

One last point to note is the bolts – Dartmoor have opted to source ‘M8’ bolts. And guess what? They’re hollow! Very nice!

Anyway, I’ve given this stem death – Mainly street and ramps – Big gaps, drops, flat-landings, the works! In brief, the stem has performed very well indeed. And not once has it slipped!

Tech –

  • Made of cold forged and CNC machined alu (7075)
  • 22.2mm bar bore
  • 50mm extension
  • Weight, 215g
  • Uses hollow M8 bolts
  • Available in five colours
  • Officially tested by Maciek Kiwak and Rafal “Skejcik” Kierc.

* £49.99 from

Chris Smith testing the REFLECT stem - Hop>Wall>180 out!

Dartmoor ‘STRIKE’ bars

First impressions; generous proportions, distinct color (graphite), light, with added USP (the drilled holes!).

The bars, like the stem, are also built using traditional methods – Again, everything is tried and tested – Although Dartmoor have raised the standards, by using 13x butted Cr-Mo (4130).


In terms of proportions, we have a wide and high bar, with comfortable geometry – Ideal for ramp, dirt and street riding – Again, prototypes were tested by Maciek Kiwak prior to release – I think its safe to say Dartmoor take no risks!

Chris Smith, Routine Air - "They felt fine for ramp riding"

… When I look back, I remember cutting the bars down (a personal mod, I’ve always undertaken); I broke a brand new hacksaw blade – This has never happened! – Very hard steel!

The main feature of the bars, making them somewhat unique, is the drilled cross bar and handle parts – These are for weight reduction – I also noticed ‘throttle-grip’ was less of a problem with these bars – This may have been the holes in the handles.

Dartmoor 'Strike' Bars

In summary, these bars are the dogs bollocks – Go buy a pair.

Tech –

  • Made of 13x butted Cr-Mo (4130)
  • 22.2mm center diameter
  • Rise – 8.25”
  • Width – 28” (uncut!)
  • Weight -760g
  • Upsweep 3º
  • Backsweep 10º
  • Officially tested by Maciek Kiwak and Rafal “Skejcik” Kierc.

* £55.00 from

Test Sessions, Chris Smith, 180 toothpick over a piece of street furniture.

Dartmoor ‘CHAKRA’ headset

The ‘Chakra’ is an internal BMX headset – It runs on 1.1/8” integrated headsets and features a Alu top cover. Now, taking a look inside we have sealed bearings (45ºx45º bearing construction) – The standard to beat!

Overview - Dartmoor Chakra

I found the ‘Chakra’ light, durable and smooth. My headset is still running smooth, even now. I feel confident to say that the ‘Chakra’ has performed better than previous models I have used, from competitor brands.

… What’s more, they are available in seven glorious colours! Brilliant! That’s not the only good news – You can pick up a ‘Chakra’ for £20.00!


Tech –

  • 1.1/8” integrated headsets
  • Alu Top Cover
  • Sealed Bearings (Cr-Mo Steel)
  • 45ºx45º bearing construction
  • Stack height, 11.0 +1.0
  • Weight, 69g.

* £20.00 from

Chris Smith, Dartmoor Product Test, Fakie Table.

Dartmoor ‘CORE’ chain

Next up, we have the ‘Dartmoor ‘CORE’ chain – Again, another solid performance from Dartmoor.

Again, typical construction – And well constructed at that!

The chain can be purchased in 1/8 or 3/32 versions – That’s BMX or MTB. It should be noted that the chain is intended for single-speed use.

The outer plates of the chain are hollow – This makes the chain somewhat unique, whilst reducing the weight.

Further good points – 7 colors to choose from, plenty of spare links and it’s affordable!

In short, the chains not broke once since installation… It gets the official thumbs up!

Check that, Funky, yet Functional outter plate!

Tech –

  • Available in 1/8 or 3/32
  • Hollow outer plates
  • Length, 102 links
  • Width, 9.5mm
  • Tensile strength, 12750 N
  • Weight 391g (1/8)
  • 7 Colours (inc silver).

* £20.00 from

Product Test, Chris Smith, 360 hop.

Dartmoor ‘Snake’ gloves

Dartmoor also have an impressive line of protective equipment – Helmets, gloves, knee-pads, etc. And it all looks very good indeed – Despite being a relatively new face, dartmoor have landed smoothly, with a comprehensive product range – Curious? Check the Dartmoor Website, where you can download the current catalogue…

The Dartmoor Website just got a revamp - Bookmark it!

Anyway, the Snake gloves…

The Snake is a long finger glove, made of rip-proof fabrics. It’s well ventilated and features an anti-slip silicone dot pattern on the inside of the palm. They also feature very generous padding to the palm area – This provides some shock absorbtion whilst riding and protection if you fall-off. The glove also relies on double-stitching where it’s needed.

Overview - Dartmoor 'Snake' Gloves.

I really liked the style of the gloves – However, the style is relative to the MTB industry; and some may opt for a more simple design.

After 8 months, the gloves are still going strong – They are showing signs of wear, but this is normal – They still have plenty of life left in them! So, overall, very impressed with the gloves – 10/10!

8+ Months of use - Still going strong!
8 Months of hard use > Still working fine!

* £21.00 from

Dartmoor ‘Ride Your Way’ shirt

Ride Your Way - Watch it!

I love my Dartmoor T-shirt!

It’s a cotton T-shirt, with logo to two-tone logo to the front and back.

The shirt logo/design has quiet a history behind it – The shirt was made to promote the highly anticipated “Ride Your Way” film, by Ryszard Syryczyński – If you get some spare time you should definitely check the film out – Then you’ll know what’s up!

Final thoughts – I have been very impressed by the Dartmoor products! Furthermore, I have taken time to study Dartmoor as a company – I was impressed with their endeavors to support both the BMX and MTB industry (Eg. The Bike Hall Contest) – I’ve also taken time to watch the dartmoor team ride together at events; Again, high standards.

In short: Dartmoor are serious.


Ride Your Way – Full Film on

A few more test shots: –

Chris, airtime.
Chris, chilling.

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