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The brand-new Arbitrator is a revolutionary convertible full-face helmet, settling your trail biking dilemma once and for all. Being a full-on downhill certified full-face, yet with a removable chin bar, this helmet is super easy to convert into a trail helmet. As the name implies, this helmet will settle a long-time dilemma on helmet use for the most dedicated enduro and trail riders. It offers two kinds of retention systems; trail mode and full-face mode for downhill. Fully ventilated with large intake and exit ports and STACC ventilation for extra cooling. This product is a two-for-one helmet – with zero compromises given.

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Sweet Protection Arbitrator Features:
Downhill certified full-face helmet.
Removable chin bar converts into trail mode.
highly ventilated.
Size m/L 980 g in M/L with Chin Guard and 550g without.

Sweet put protection above everything else, so slip into the Arbitrator and you’ll know you’re in safe hands. Years of meticulous research and testing have gone into making this the ultimate helmet.

The Arbitrator is Fully DH certified, though from the early days of it’s inception that was a minimum requirement that Sweet have more than exceeded. By combining their years of experience, athlete feedback and relentless testing, Sweet have perfected their combination of low-density EPS and super-tough shells to perfectly mitigate the multitude of forces your head and brain experience when it all goes wrong on the trail. Aksel Lund Svindal, the Norwegian legend of the DH skiing world puts his faith in his Sweet Protection Helmet when he’s hammering down the face of a mountain at speeds over 100+MPH, so it’s safe to assume Sweet know exactly what they are doing.

Also included is MIPS, proven to reduce the rotational forces that contribute to concussions during a crash. By allowing the helmet to ‘slip’ across your head, MIPS dissipates energy before it causes your brain to bounce around the inside of your skull. Whilst we’ve seen other rotational impact management systems creep into the market in the helmets of Sweet’s competitors, MIPS still leads the field and is trusted by the worlds top athletes so we are stoked to see it included here.

Despite the focus on safety above all else, Sweet haven’t missed a beat when it comes to ventilation, with STACC venting to remove heat and channel cool air over your temples without exposing them to any danger in a crash.

An adjustable visor leaves room for your goggles, whilst an OCCIGRIP turn-dial, dual-retention systems and having two thicknesses of pad in the box allows for the perfect fit.

Did we mention it’s convertible? Flip the single locking mechanism and the pre-preg carbon fibre chin bar detaches, leaving you with a trail lid that still packs the features in.

Heading out for a trail ride on familiar territory? Leave the chin bar at home and the Arbitrator more than holds it’s own as all the protection you’ll need. There’s no compromise in safety, ventilation or comfort when running the Arbitrator as a half-shell.

Hitting the Alps or heading out for an uplift day? The chin bar easily slips back into place and you’ve got yourself the ultimate full-face helmet.

So easy-to-use is the locking mechanism that if you don’t know what the trails will bring or if you’re heading out for a multi-stage enduro with big climbs and gnarly descents, the Arbitrator can be converted trail-side in a matter of seconds.

It’s the only helmet you’ll ever need.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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