Profiler: Alin Moldovan/ Dartmoor Bikes (Photography: János Rusiczki)

Stats: –

  • Name: Alin Moldovan.
  • Age: 26 years old.
  • Weight: 165 pounds (75kg).
  • Location: Baia Mare city, Romania.
  • Sponsors: Monster Energy Drink, Dartmoor Bikes, Carhartt and Van.

Questions: –

1) How long have you been riding? And what made you start? I`ve been riding since 2004, I saw BMX freestyle on TV, it made me curious and I just had to try it… I don`t feel sorry for doing it… But my mum still tells me to quit it every day!

2) How would you describe your style? I can`t really describe my style… But from my perspective, kind of weird!

3) Tell me about the first crazy trick you did? The first stunt that really scared you… The first crazy trick I did was a 180 to fakie over a street gap!!! I had a free-coaster but I was going so fast that when I came to half-cab I was flapping… I crashed… Did a face-plant!!!

4) Who was your first sponsor? And tell me about your first contest? My first bike sponsor was the local bike shop from ‘Baia Mare’… My first contest was during 2007, in ‘Bucharest’… It was called ‘I.O.R.iding’… I got 1st place!!!

5) What’s up with ‘360 Flairs’? Or should that be ‘Fakie Flair’… ‘360 flairs’ are actually ‘540 backflips’… I`m currently working on a ‘flair 180 to fakie’!!!

6)  And injuries… How are you doing so far? The worst injury that I’ve had was in 2009 at a contest in Hungary… I pulled a ‘front-flip’ and landed on my back… I passed the landing by 2-3 meters and landed flat almost broke my back!!! so far I`m ok, despite being old!

7) What’s your perspective on the European contest scene? And do you have any plans to compete in the US? The European contest scene is definitely more friendly!!! And they support the riders through a broader recognition of the different tricks and styles… In the US I think they`re more into seeing wild backflip variations!!! About me competing in the US; I don`t think it’s going to happen… I need a Visa… I`ll stay here… Europe is for old people 🙂

8) Any plans to ride the ‘Bike Hall Contest’ over in the Czech Republic at the end of the month? Bike Hall Contest!!! I`d love to go, but it’s not going to happen because I have to do something else in Romania… It’s a good thing it’s not a street course, I`d be hanging on a rope under a bridge!!!

9) How does ‘Baia Mare City’ compare with other cities you have been to across Europe? Comparing Baia Mare with other cities is like comparing your living room with a skatepark! We don`t have a skate park in our city (Ed/Nb. population 160,000), we have a mini-ramp (Est. December 2011)… Prior to this we didn`t have anything!!! I rode on the flat and grinded a ledge for almost 8 years… Quiet funny really!!!

10) How does it feel to get hooked up by Dartmoor Bikes at the ripe old age of 26? I feel the Dartmoor Bikes experience could be compared to a 50 year old man getting a driving licence for the first time!!! I don’t feel old!!!

11) Tell us about your current bike set-up and how does it feel? My current bike is a ‘Dartmoor Nami II’, size ‘S’ with a ‘Satio II’ forks. I also have the ‘Flow bars’ (8.95), but I`ve cut 3cm of each end. This bike is a little heavier, but I love the way it rides. I also ride 3 pegs and I have the new hub-guards!!! The bike is amazing, and it’s not that expensive for a rider to go out and buy.

12) Your also a ‘Civil Engineer’ – What does this involve? And how long was the training programme? To become a Civil Engineer is not that easy – One, you have to finish a five year college course; At the end you have to pass an exam!!! Now I am fully licensed for working with steel structures and building bridges – That sort of stuff! But not yet, I have to ride some more first!

13) You compared signing for Dartmoor Bikes to an old man getting a Driving Licence for the first time – What do you currently drive? Currently I drive shitty red ‘VW Polo’! It’s older than I am!!! 🙂

14) Been on any crazy road-trips? As for crazy trips, I`ve been on a wild trip with ‘Brad Simms’ and ‘Michael Mycek’ last summer!!!

15) Going back to the topic of the Bike Hall Contest – What could possibly be better? Please tell us… Well, at the Bike Hall Contest I`d really like to see more street obstacles!!! And I`d really love to see more street contests in general!!! I could die in peace!!! It’s a very park orientated course, hence I’m opting out to ride real-street here in Romania!!!

16) Do you have any plans on the horizon you would like to talk about? I`m planning to ride with some of the best street riders in the world, but I`ll never be able to keep it up with them, I`m too old!!! (Ed: “Yeah Right!”)

17) Is there any advice you would like to give to the new kids on the block? for all the rookies stop fooling… Don`t be taking things to serious…

18) Any final words, “shout-outs”, thanks, etc? I want to ride with Garrett Reynolds… A street session to accomplish my destiny… For real!!! As for thanks… I’d like to thank you!!!

Thanks man, you’re the bomb!!! – VS

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