Profiler: Matt Leviege (A.K.A. The Sez/ THE StrEetZ)…

/// Name: Matt LeViege (A.K.A. ‘The Sez’ and ‘THE StrEetZ’) /// Years Riding: Since The “Age of  The Gonz”! // Location: Voorhees, NJ but travel ALL OVER! /// Sponsors: Vallyside Distro, ODEE World, Osiris Flow ///

1) Hey man, tell us all how you started in this game? What made you start riding?

Well back in the day I skated hardcode for a few years. Then I lost my board so I just picked up a bike… still have that mad skater style, lol.

2) What was your first ride? And how does it compare to your current set-up?

 I had the FRESHEST all chrome GT Performer! Ha ha, it had a 44 tooth sprocket, it was built for speed but twice as heavy. Back then I did a lot of flatland, so I had front brakes and 4 pegs, the bike was so pimp, ha ha. Nowadays I’m riding light but strong parts –  Like my 25 tooth so I can just cruise! Oh, and now I’m riding three pegs, but I only just put the third peg on to learn new tricks!


3) How would you describe your style of riding to a complete outsider?

Something like this: “A creative, innovative, well-polished and smooth rider.”, or maybe; “Goes against the grain with such swagger, it makes for a fun and energized show!”, Ha ha…

4) What was the last trick you learnt?

Tooth-pick hangover grind up rails… All will be seen in my next edit, ha ha!

5) Best pick-up line?

 Best pick up line, “Girl: so, do you drive? Guy: Na babe, but I do have a bike! Girl:Thats so cool!… I like riding on the back. Guy: Well whats Ur number? I’ll take u for a ride sometime… I’ll even let you sit up front haha ” and walks away with the phone number…

 6) Music?

 Ok. My top 10 in my IPod is!

 1. Jay Z: Success Feat. Nas

2. Rage against the Machine: Revolver

3. Jay Z: Cashmere Thoughts

4. Drake: Wildfire Feat. SBTRKT

5. A.S.A.P. Rocky: Wussup

6. Mac Miller: She Said

7. Kool John: Swaggin All Day

8. A Tribe Called Quest: Lyrics to Go

9. Mac Miller: Down The Rabbit Hole

10. The Weekend: Same Old Song


7) What comes first – ‘A bitch’ or a ‘day on the bike with the boys’?

HAHAHA MAN… that’s a hard one… lol

8) Ever been in trouble?

 Na, I don’t really get in much… I’m 6’3″…. Ha ha, security ain’t got shit on me! Ha ha!

 9) Tell us about some of your coverage in Ride USA?

 Here’s what I’ve done (minus my own 16 DVDs!):

Starting with magazines – ‘RideBMX UK Edition Aug 2006′ and ‘RideBMX 2010 Apr/May 2010! Next contests – ‘Mesh Skate Park Jam, FL 2009 – 1st place’, ‘Athens HARVEST comp Oct 2008 – 1st place’, ‘Skate Park Of Tampa, FL 2011 – 1st place and won best trick’, ‘Local Exposure Tour 2006 – 1st place’, ‘Twilight comp Athens, GA 2006 1st place’. And then theres videos: ‘Shook – Scared to look shook’, ‘Props: Mega Tour 2’, ‘Local Exposure Tour 3′, ‘Props 55′, ‘Nobody Special DVD’, ‘Props Issue 77 – Sez 14 full leangth video in Bonus section 2009′, ‘Props Issue 78 April Edition 2010′ and Fuel T.V show!

10) What tricks are you planning on dialling in next?

 Well, Now that I’ve got tooth hangers up rails… I was wondering if a tooth hanger up a rail to wip was possible. Hmmm… One day. As for now, I just like trying new things and having that feeling of laughing as I ride away from something I thought up in my head lol BEST feeling.

11) Any other plans you want to discuss? (Web videos, trips, etc.?)

 Well, I’m working on a web vid that will finish after I’m done healing…

12) Any final words, shout-outs, etc…

 I want to thank Vallyside for giving me the opportunity to shine; I wanna thank my grandparents for their support and all the many girls, ha ha! And thanks God for keeping me safe! And last, MANY thanks to my fans! 2012 y’all!!! BIG THINGS TO COME!!!

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