Profiler: Matti Hemmings

Yo! You should probably be familiar with him already, but if not, now’s your chance to get aquainted – So without further ado; The Matti Hemmings Interview (or at least the latest interview!) – VS

Name: Matti Hemmings/ Age: 23/ Location: Brecon (Wales)/ Years Riding: 6years/ Sponsors: eastpak(uk), dephect, odessa footwear & valleyside…

VS: What motivates you?

Matti: Learning new tricks at my local spot! Music plays a big part within it aswell – I Like to have DnB, hip-hop and BreakBeatz on my Ipod whilst riding. I like to keep involved with flatland – Riding contests, talking to close friends, who ride flatland, etc.

VS: How many hours a week do you ride?

Matti: I try ride every day when the weather’s nice – Normally five hours if I can. At the moment in Wales, It’s always raining – Roll on summer, I’ll be putting in over-time to make up!

VS: What trick will you be trying to perfect next?

Matti: Haha; I always try to think about new tricks, or new ways to change stuff around, but I have one in mind that I am working on at moment – If I told you I would have to kill you. (Ed/nb: Cheers Matti!)

VS: What brands do you currently represent?

Matti: I’ll start with eastpak uk; guys are great to me, they help me alot with my riding, I’ve got alot to thank them for! Next, Odessa footwear help me keep my feet dry with shoes, that I find great for flatland. Befor I use to buy shoes and they never seemed to last more than 3 months! I’m glad to be on the team! Paul at, helps me out aswell, great guy, glad hes let me be part of team. But I’d like to thank all the guys that are helping me along the way; if it wasn’t from them, it would be a tuff time riding! So thank you very much. And not for geting you Chris at valleysidedistro cheers…

VS: Ever meet anyone famous?

Matti: Simon cowell, Amanda Holden, Mat Hoffman, Justin Lee Colins… Few more, but I can’t be bothered to name them all…

VS: Tell us more about the rotations project with Kompany Malakhi, whats the set-up?

Matti: Kompany Malakhi is a dance company based at Bristol, one of their projects at moment is combining break-dance, parkour and
flatland all together, to create a different look to art forms. I first started out with them in June, since then I have been touring the UK and working on new things to do with rotations… I am happen to be involved with the project as they’re giving flatland a chance to come out of the darkness and into the public light.

VS: What type of injuries have you sustained from riding?

Matti: At the Moment nothing too bad – But I do have a foot injury; but I still get out to ride! Normally I only really get cuts, that’s why flatland is so good – Very few injuries!

VS: What does the future hold?

Matti: Hopefully progression with my riding, travelling; I Just like to come across new things! You never know; maybe I’ll win the lottery!

VS: Last words

Matti: Would like to thank Chris at Valleyside, Matt Dyer, eastpak uk, dephect, odessa… And all the people who have helped me along the way! Some how if It wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I enjoy so thankyou!

Photography: Matt ‘Denny’ Dyer/ Editing: “Jess” (Matti’s lady)

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