/// Link of the Month (July): EVDATH ///

Ladies and Gentlemen, G’s and Hoe’s, may I introduce to you: Evolved Athletic Brand (A.K.A. EV / DATH!). ‘You’re Welcome‘ to CHECK ‘EM OUT HERE!!! For those of you who are in the mix, EV / DATH are a brand that embraces Bicycles, Friends, Culture and Adventure! Click read more to check their mission statement! Continue reading “/// Link of the Month (July): EVDATH ///”

Press Release: ODEE World to co-sponsor the Valleyside US Team for 2012!


“Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks again for tuning into our mighty fine station! And today we have some very exciting news – After some considerable market research, valleyside has agreed on a collaboration with US outdoor adventure label, ODEE World, Inc. Yes, that’s right, ODEE World is to co-sponsor our US division for 2012! Continue reading “Press Release: ODEE World to co-sponsor the Valleyside US Team for 2012!”

Outline BMX Photo Exclusive!

“Ever since Mathew Teague became the official photographer for outline everything’s been going really smooth. We try to get as many of the team together
as possible at the weekend and we go to various locations and film and get some photos – Although it’s quite hard to get eight people together at the same time! Continue reading “Outline BMX Photo Exclusive!”