Web Video: The Bike Hall Contest 2012! (By Dartmoor Bikes)

As you may well know, The Bike Hall Contest (2013) is happening again in Trutnov soon (25-27th/4/2013). This particular edit here shows the Dartmoor Bikes guys ripping up at last years course! The event promises to be even bigger this time around, so even more action is guaranteed! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: The Bike Hall Contest 2012! (By Dartmoor Bikes)”

/// Link of the Month (February): Bike Hall (9) Contest ///













Once again the Bike Hall Contest (number 9!) will be taking part in Trutnov (Czech Republic) – the event will take place between the 25th and 27th of April. As usual, the event has lots of hot sponsors (Vans, G-Shock, 34R, etc); as well as some amazing competitors! And of course VALLEYSIDE is an official media partner! In short, if you are in the market for a European BMX contest, the Bike Hall Contest is always a winner! Furthermore, the Czech Republic has a lot to offer with amazing sites, beautiful women and cheap beer (that’s right, ugly dudes got a shot!). We will be hosting more news on the Bike Hall Contest soon – keep your eyes peeled…

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Contest: PSBMX One Hit Wonder!!!

Our friends over at PSBMX are currently running the One Hit Wonder Contest – It’s simple: you send PSBMX one video clip and each week PSBMX will name the One Hit Wonder Of The Week. At the end of the year the PSBMX panel will vote for the “One Hit Wonder” of the year. Check out more details below… Continue reading “Contest: PSBMX One Hit Wonder!!!”

The BMX Masters 2011 – New website!!! Check it out!!!

Get ready for the party!

Whilst navigating my way through the digital-jungle, I discovered the new website for The BMX Masters 2011 (mighty-fine web design!). This is one of the biggest events in BMX – And that statement does not even take into consideration the after-partys! Prepare to get messy… Very messy!!! CHECK THE NEW BMX MASTERS 2011 WEBSITE NOW!!! And Long Live The BMX Masters!!!

Exclusive DONNY BOY contest!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Hello – As you may already be aware Mr Tomace (Boss at Donny Boy HQ!) kindly sent us a selection of the finest “Donny Boy” products – Some for the team to test and some for our prize give-away! Anyway, pictured below are three wallets that we have spare, to give away to three lucky winners. And details of the contest are to be found at the bottom of this post…

It's official: "Tony Manero ain't got shit on Donny Boy!"

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Bike Hall 2011 – bmx & mtb contest (Trutnov, Czech Republic).

Visualisations - A section from 2011's course.

Bike Hall 2011

We recently became “media partners” with the the “Bike Hall Contest” (see our listing in sponsors section) – And Pavel Hyvnar (one of the event organisers) just sent in an email, containing details for this years Bike Hall Contest. The event’s hosted in Trutnov (again), a city based in the Czech Republic. Continue reading “Bike Hall 2011 – bmx & mtb contest (Trutnov, Czech Republic).”