/// Link of the Month (May): A’ME GRIPS ///

After corresponding with A’ME Grips on several occasions, Mr Bob Rutten (Head of Marketing over at A’ME Grips) has kindly enrolled both myself & ValleySideDistro onto the A’ME Athletes Support Programme – Within the next ten days I will have received a box including fourteen different grips models (in various colours) – Subsequently, these grips will be tested by various riders on the ValleySideDistro Programme (including members of the flow team). Grips available for testing include the ‘BMX FREESTYLE ROUND GRIP, the ‘BMX CLAMP-ON TRI GRIPS’ and the ‘BMX CAM GRIPS’. If you’re not on the ValleySideDistro list, but you still want to test a set, get in contact and I may be able to get a set out to you. Thanks again to Mr Bob Rutten! – Chris@VS Continue reading “/// Link of the Month (May): A’ME GRIPS ///”