Photographer of the month/May – Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (Papo).

It’s that time again; Time for another dose of photography, with this months “Photographer of the Month”; Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (A.K.A. Papo). I personally really enjoyed looking through Papos choice of “formats” – He really thought outside of the box; and delivered a diverse range of imagery. Really worth a look. And yes, yes, we’re still behind by a month. But again, it’s worth it…

Time to break the chains?

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Photographer of the month/April – Ariel Cruz!

Ladies and Genlemen… It’s been a while since our last “Photographer of the month” (Coco Zurita); and what a treat that was! And this month, we have a very dear friend of Mr Zurita (Insert drum roll); So; may I introduce to you; Cruz, “Ariel Cruz”. Again, Mr Ariel Cruz originates from Chile; and again, he has his own unique perspective. And yes, again we are fashionably late. And again, it’s a BLAZER… So let’s get this show on the road. Ladies and Gents, meet Ariel… -VS

This is actually Ariel... Himself.
This is Ariel... How many photographers do this?
It don't matter which side of the lense... Ariel got it!

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Photographer of the month/March – Coco Zurita!

Okay, okay, you got me!!! We are behind schedule, BIG TIME… But, in our defence, we gave this next post time to mature, like a fine wine – And it don’t get much more BIG TIME, than this months, Graduand in style… So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I hand you over to the man himself, A.K.A, Valleyside Photographer of the Month, Mr COCO ZURITA…  -VS

Rise of the machines...

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Photographer of the month/February – Dustin Millard

Yooo!!! It’s that time again – Time for february’s installation of “Photographer of the month”. And this month we have a very talented man – So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen,  may I introduce Mr Millard…

“My name is Dustin Millard, I am 23 years old and just recently moved from Denver, CO to Austin, TX. As of now, I work as a freelance graphic designer, but I’ve been shooting photography since about age thirteen. Photography is actually a large influence on what caused me to become interested in design, as well. Continue reading “Photographer of the month/February – Dustin Millard”