/// Web Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll ///

TIM KNOLL just released this web flick featuring some RARE TREATS, being perfomed to some ALTERNATIVE INDIE BEATZ! In essence (to me at least), this dude kinda reminds me of RODNEY MULLEN… But on a BMX! This is some seriously original riding! Hit read more to see a few more of Tim Knoll’s videos and one of Rodeny Mullen! – VS Continue reading “/// Web Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll ///”

/// Link of the Month (March): Bike Hall (9) Contest Catalogue (on ISSUU) ///

Interested in attending the Bike Hall Contest (2013) in Trutnov? You can download the BHC CATALOUGUE HERE! The course is always amazing at the BHC and so is the list of riders in attendance. This contest is definitely worth adding to the list! You can also add the BHC on Facebook! Bye for now – VS

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Web Video: Florent Soulas – Iphone Edit.

Florent Soulas-Fitbikeco – Iphone Edit from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.

This ones crazy… Florent Soulas killing it on street with all kinds of cutting-edge street tech; take that 360 hop to nose manual combo for example! It get’s better as well – the whole video has been shot using an Iphone! Boom! Florent rides for Fit Bike Co and Fit Bike Co products can be sourced from Fluid BMX Store!!! – VS

Web Video Mash-UP: Joe “BUTCHER” Kowalski collection!!!

Looking back in retrospect Joe “Butcher” Kowalski was always one of my favourite riders – he is always putting together the most ridiculous grind combos and often they will be switch, or opposite without the viewer even realising it! And despite the fact he is perceived as a street rider, you only have to watch the video above to realise he has perhaps been equally innovative on ramp and dirt! Anyway, click continue reading to view some of The Butchers best web videos from over the years! And just so you know, The Butcher currently rides for Animal Bikes; and Animal Products can be sourced through outlets like ValleySideDistro or Fluid BMX Store! – VS

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Welcome to the Team – Dom Phillips (By Ryan Wilkinson)

Just got a quick message from ‘Ryan Wilkinson’ – It contained the latest ‘Welcome to the Team’ edit for ‘Dominic Phillips’, Valleyside Flow. Sweet edit featuring some swift moves – Opposite 360’s, Manual 180’s, Bars, Whips, etc.

Here’s a few words from Ryan: “…So we took a small journey into london and filmed for this small welcoming edit, Dom is always up for filming and shooting and is probably one of the most grateful riders to film with. expect big things from him in the future…” – Can’t disagree with that statement. Good work, enjoy the edit – VS

Dominic Phillips – Welcome To ValleysideDistro from Ryan Wilkinson on Vimeo.

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