Web Video: Shaun Allison Street Riding In 1989!!!

Ride UK have this cool new feature called FlashBACK Thursday – it features some sweet vids including this gem documenting Shaun Alison (credits: Cheeky Monkey BMX) riding street back in 1989! This video really stands out to me – even if it was dated 1999 the level of street riding would still be good by UK standards! Personally, I did not know that UK street was as good as this way back in 1989 – boom! If you continue reading you will be able to see a video called Aggroman (Craig Grasso, Eddie Roman  etc) – if you have time to watch Aggroman then it is definitely worth it! And you will be able to see that when compared to the US Pros of the 80’s, Shaun Alison was at a very good level! – VS

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The BMX Masters, 2011 – Amazing video by Sevisual.

If you did’nt already know it, ‘The BMX Masters’ RULED! This video by ‘Sevisual’ really highlights how good the event actually was! It features Alex Jumelin, Bob Haro, Daniel Dhers – All the biggest names! Congratulations Sevisual and the riders of course! Ps. See if you can spot yours truly – VS

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