/// Product News: Valleyside X Impurity Street Frame ///

Chris Smith test riding the first VIA prototype by Impurity Bike Co.
Chris Smith test riding one of the first prototype frames by Impurity Bike Co.

Words by Chris Smith…

Throughout 2015 I have been involved in the development of a new street frame by Impurity Bike Co. The initial motivation behind this project was to create a frame that is: A) Robust enough for burly modern day street and ramp riding with; B) Sensible angles and geometry for nose manuals, regular manuals, grinds, airs and; C) To be visually appealing.
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Web Video of the Month/ Nov: DartBMX “Nami II” Test Vid!!!

Back in 2012 DartBMX (UK) sent me a ‘Nami II’ (v.3) frame to test ride for a product review. I gave the ‘Nami II’ frame a good thrashing on both Street and Ramp and enjoyed every minute of it! The Nami II lived up to it’s price tag – all in all this is one good frame! Also on test was a range of DartBMX components! Check the film for some of the riding I put my frame through a while back! You can find the written product review on Dartmoor BMX!!! – Chris@ValleySideDistro. Continue reading “Web Video of the Month/ Nov: DartBMX “Nami II” Test Vid!!!”

Bike Check: Chris Smith.

Rider: Chris.W.Smith.

Sponsors/support: Dartmoor Bikes UK (marketing-rider/product support), Sugar Bikes (UK Team), VP-USA (marketing-rider/product support), Fluid BMX Store (‘roadie-to-be’), ValleySideDistro.

Location: Mid-Wales, UK.

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