Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).

/// Nb. Following report was produced on the 18th of October, 2011 ///

Urban Kreation recently sent over a set of jeans to be tested by a member of Valleyside Distro – I decided that I personally was going to take the opportunity to test the jeans.


Urban Kreation are a brand with definitive selling points, which lead to their products individuality within the market arena. But what makes their brand so different? In essence, Urban Kreation are making jeans (alongside other garments) using progressive technologies that result in extremely strong products for BMX (Mtb, skateboarding, etc) use. However, these aren’t your typical protective trousers – The jeans are stealthy and forward-thinking through design – Nobody would guess the technologies within. Continue reading “Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).”

/// Link of the month/June /// Urban Kreation /// Available here soon! ///

The original Urban Kreation Logo

Ever looked down at your scarred, battered and beat legs with bitter despair… Unfortunately, I can’t promise you a cure for the scars. However, I can promote a preventative measure to further damage. Yes, that’s right, there is hope, hope in the form of ‘Urban Kreation’.

Urban Kreation have just released their highly-refined, Kevlar stitched vectran-lined urban clothing range. This means the everyday street rider can now throw on a casual looking set of jeans and go out riding (with a superior level of protection to conventional jeans). Continue reading “/// Link of the month/June /// Urban Kreation /// Available here soon! ///”