Bike Check: Dartmoor “NAMI II” {Chris Smith} >>>

Rider: Chris Smith   

Supporters: –

  • Dartmoor Bikes (UK),
  • VP-USA,             
  • FluidBMX,
  • Force Field Body Armour,
  • ValleySideDistro.                                                                                             

Location: Mid-Wales, UK

Bike: Dartmoor “Nami II” >>>

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Profiler: Antti Rissanen (Dartmoor Bikes).

Stats: –

/// Name: Antti Rissanen // Age: 19 // Weight: 89kg // Location: Kuopio, Finland // Sponsors: Dartmoor bikes/BestBrakes team, OBG clothing, Kali protection and Continental tyres ///

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Bike Check: Alin Moldovan/Dartmoor Bikes (Photos by: János Rusiczki)

Name: Alin Moldovan   
Support/Hook-ups: Monster Energy, Dartmoor bikes, Vans and Carhartt.

Bike Check: Chris Smith.

Rider: Chris.W.Smith.

Sponsors/support: Dartmoor Bikes UK (marketing-rider/product support), Sugar Bikes (UK Team), VP-USA (marketing-rider/product support), Fluid BMX Store (‘roadie-to-be’), ValleySideDistro.

Location: Mid-Wales, UK.

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Product news/previews/review: Dartmoor Bikes (Powered by Slam69!!!)

The Polish BMX/MTB company Dartmoor Bikes has recently launched their 2012 product range – Once again they look to have gone from strength to strength, by launching new products and fine tuning their existing range (all of which can be seen in the Dartmoor 2012 Catalogue). On a personal level, I can attest to the high quality of Dartmoor components – Every Dartmoor product from the first Dartmoor Product Review I undertook remains sound, even now, 14 months on!

After recent talks with Slam69 I was flowed some more products for review – The 2012 ‘Thorn Cranks’ and the ‘Fatty Seat/Post combo’…

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