General News: The BMX Worlds Website 2012!!!

Just a quick bit of news – The BMX Worlds website is now online! The event itself takes place between 13th and the 15th of July! It will surely be an amazing event, with plenty of action! Furthermore, this years event will feature an Old School Contest, not to mention plenty of party mayhem! Go check out the BMX Worlds Website! – VS Continue reading “General News: The BMX Worlds Website 2012!!!”

Update: Urban Kreation >>>

I just checked in with Urban Kreation, for the latest team news! Here’s what they had to say: “Just a quick update for you all! Fresh from his win at the X-fest, Urban Kreation have signed young Dirt shredder Desmond Tessemaker to its team. Desmond has a vision and a focus of where he wants to be, and we were stoked when he said he wanted to be part of our winning team.” (Urban Kreation). Check out Desmond’s ‘Welcome to Urban Kreation’ edit: –

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