Web Video Mash-UP: Joe “BUTCHER” Kowalski collection!!!

Looking back in retrospect Joe “Butcher” Kowalski was always one of my favourite riders – he is always putting together the most ridiculous grind combos and often they will be switch, or opposite without the viewer even realising it! And despite the fact he is perceived as a street rider, you only have to watch the video above to realise he has perhaps been equally innovative on ramp and dirt! Anyway, click continue reading to view some of The Butchers best web videos from over the years! And just so you know, The Butcher currently rides for Animal Bikes; and Animal Products can be sourced through outlets like ValleySideDistro or Fluid BMX Store! – VS

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Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…

As seen on psbmx.com…

THE CHRONICLES OF CHRIS (The Chris Smith Interview)

Part One: The Lost Scriptures of Smithy.

Stats: –

/// Name: Chris Smith /// Nicknames: Smithy & Valleyside /// Hometown: Welshpool (UK) /// Years riding: 14 /// Supporters: Dartmoor Bikes (UK), VP-USA, Force Field Body Armour, Vendetta Brand and Fluid BMX Store (flow) /// Continue reading “Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…”