Fresh of the press: Fluid BMX open now!!!

Yes that’s right! Hereford now have a classy new BMX store known as ‘Fluid BMX‘. It’s rider owned and stocks most major labels, including Sugar Bikes and Deco BMX. In short, they know what’s up! Check ’em out. – VS

Valleyside Welcomes Ollie Palmer to the UK Sugar Bikes Team!

Not so long ago we received an email from Sugar Bikes. It highlighted a certain “WE ARE LEVEL” rider  as a worthy addition, for the UK Sugar Bikes Team. We did our homework (watching web-videos, etc) and guess what? We agreed! So, it’s with great delight we introduce to you… Mr Ollie Palmer! Ollie, Welcome to the UK SugarBikes/Valleyside Team! As part of the welcoming process, Ollie Palmer & Co have prepared a “Welcome” edit. As you’ll see, diversity is the key to Ollie’s riding. He also managed to satisfy all three of his sponsors by making this a Valleyside/WeAreLevel/SugarBikes edit! Nice Work. Enjoy the ride. SWEET! – VS

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