Web Video: A minute with Phil Demattia >>>

A minute with Phil Demattia from CSG UK on Vimeo.

Just found this dope video featuring Phil Demattia over on FatBMX – Phil Demattia is on fire right now and always has something new up his sleeve… Just check the Abubaca to Crank-Flip back for testimony of this!!! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: A minute with Phil Demattia >>>”

New: Ride BMX UK (Issue 164!) Out Now!!!

I just got issue 164 of Ride UK through my door – And a brilliant issue at that! Main stand out? Probably the Phil Demattia interview… It’s a blazer!

Issue 164 Caution When Wet!

“Riding anywhere outdoors during the last month was pretty much deemed a write-off. The UK is supposedly in a drought (even though it’s been raining constantly for over a month now) but despite the non-stop rain, we dug deep and battled on. This issue includes features from the UK (in the rain), Sunny California (not in the rain), a boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean and a selection of some Idiots Abroad… Check out more from issue 164 below…” – Ride UK Continue reading “New: Ride BMX UK (Issue 164!) Out Now!!!”