Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).

/// Nb. Following report was produced on the 18th of October, 2011 ///

Urban Kreation recently sent over a set of jeans to be tested by a member of Valleyside Distro – I decided that I personally was going to take the opportunity to test the jeans.


Urban Kreation are a brand with definitive selling points, which lead to their products individuality within the market arena. But what makes their brand so different? In essence, Urban Kreation are making jeans (alongside other garments) using progressive technologies that result in extremely strong products for BMX (Mtb, skateboarding, etc) use. However, these aren’t your typical protective trousers – The jeans are stealthy and forward-thinking through design – Nobody would guess the technologies within. Continue reading “Product Reviews: Urban Kreation Jean (Inc Kevlar/Vectran lining).”

Contest Report: UK Flatland Championships (by Matthew Dyer!)

As you may know, ValleySideDistro co-sponsored the recent UK Flatland Championships – An event coordinated by Matti Hemmings (Welsh Pro Flatander). We made contact with Matthew Dyer (Welshside/Magazine Journalist) who produced the following report…

It’s been Matti Hemmings dream for a long time to get a flatland event in Wales. A year or more has passed since his initial dream, but with quitting his day job to ride for a living, Matti has wised up to the world and learned the in’s and out’s of what it would take to get the event rolling. Continue reading “Contest Report: UK Flatland Championships (by Matthew Dyer!)”

Photographer of the month/June – Dorian Huet.

Bonjour! And merci, for once again tuning into our mighty fine station! And today, we break the chainz (should that be legal?), or at least the sound barrier, in a move approximately seven thousand miles Northeast (of Chile that is!)… Once again, we have gone contre vents et marées, in order to bring to you good people, ‘Photographer of the month’ (June). And once again, we have a blazing feature, the Crème de la crème? Dames, Hommes, may I introduce to you (insert drum-roll!)… Mr Dorian Huet!!! – VS

... Agent provocateur?

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Photographer of the month/May – Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (Papo).

It’s that time again; Time for another dose of photography, with this months “Photographer of the Month”; Juan Pablo Arias Vargas (A.K.A. Papo). I personally really enjoyed looking through Papos choice of “formats” – He really thought outside of the box; and delivered a diverse range of imagery. Really worth a look. And yes, yes, we’re still behind by a month. But again, it’s worth it…

Time to break the chains?

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Photographer of the month/Jan – Ryan Wilkinson.

Yo!!! We have a new concept for 2011: “Photographer of the month”… Bit like a contest, each month a different photographer gets the privilege of being awarded the “Title”, which they’ll hold for that month – We definetly have some good photographers on the horizon, and to start things of we have Ryan Wilkinson (better late than never!)…

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