Events: The Official Opening of Knighton Skatepark & Valleyside Stunt Team Demo!!!

Last Saturday (24th of August) was the date set for the grand opening of Knighton’s new skatepark (Knighton BMX / Skate Park)!

A few weeks before the opening day I had been asked by David Bennett (of the KB/SP committee) if I could help make provisions for a BMX demo – I made numerous telephone calls and text messages, which resulted in the collaboration of a small team for the events BMX demo.

The team itself was called the ‘Valleyside Stunt Team’ and consisted of; Ryan Gorman, Gee Coles, Robbie Meade, Arron Whitaker and myself (Chris Smith). My role was to take photos, videos and notes whilst everyone else rode. Continue reading “Events: The Official Opening of Knighton Skatepark & Valleyside Stunt Team Demo!!!”

Web Video ~ ‘Did’nt cut it’ (Link of the Month!)

Robbie Meade (of ‘RM FILMS’ fame!) put together this exclusive edit, featuring the ‘RPT’ crew – The edit consists of clips captured for the recent ‘Nike Chosen Contest’… Or more precisely, the clips that ‘Did’nt cut it‘. Enjoy! – VS

Didn’t cut it from Robbie Meade films on Vimeo.

P.s. Don’t forget to check out the earlier post, featuring the video Robbie made for the up-and-coming RPT JAM! See below!

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Press Release: ‘The ripping and the tearing’…

Good Morning Everybody!!! I switched on my computer this morning and was greeted by an email direct from the Publicity Director of  ‘the ripping and the tearing‘ crew;  It contained the crews final video release (and it’s good!) for the Nike Chosen (UK link) contest, as well as the crews offiicial press release, inc photographes:

"Oh SHIT!!!"

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