Web Video: Sergio Layos and his Road to Recovery (Redbull)

This video documents REDBULL rider Sergio Layos and his road to recovery after an epic leg injury! Here at Valleyside we don’t like to see Sergio down… That’s why we are stoked to link you up with his progress – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Sergio Layos and his Road to Recovery (Redbull)”

New: Ride BMX UK (Issue 164!) Out Now!!!

I just got issue 164 of Ride UK through my door – And a brilliant issue at that! Main stand out? Probably the Phil Demattia interview… It’s a blazer!

Issue 164 Caution When Wet!

“Riding anywhere outdoors during the last month was pretty much deemed a write-off. The UK is supposedly in a drought (even though it’s been raining constantly for over a month now) but despite the non-stop rain, we dug deep and battled on. This issue includes features from the UK (in the rain), Sunny California (not in the rain), a boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean and a selection of some Idiots Abroad… Check out more from issue 164 below…” – Ride UK Continue reading “New: Ride BMX UK (Issue 164!) Out Now!!!”