Profiler: Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor Bikes).

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// Name: Alfie John Perry Stephens // Age: 16 // Weight: 72KG // Location: The Prince Albert Pub, STROUD // Sponsors: Dartmoor UK, Slam69, Marzocchi, Keith Allen // Continue reading “Profiler: Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor Bikes).”

Profiler: Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor Bikes)

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I’ve known Marcel for around 2 or 3 years now and we have become pretty close friends through our passion of riding bikes. He’s always up for a dig and you can count on him to be the first at the trails, ready to go, which is what I love about this guy. He’s super motivated to learn new tricks and pushes his riding all the time! In the last year his style and trick bag has progressed at a crazy rate and I’m sure it will show at a few comps this year! A part from that, he is such an easy going guy and it’s great to have someone at his level around to do some filming with.” – Ryan Nangle

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Bike Check: Chris Jackson

/// Name: Chris Jackson // Support/Hook-ups: Purchased parts from Slam69 and have had an amazing service from them, massive thanks! // Frame: Dartmoor Yuki (2012) // Forks: Primo (Dartmoor Satio Forks on the way!) // Headset: Odyssey // Stem: BSD Frontloader // Bars: Amity RD // Grips: Dartmoor Shamman // Bar ends: Dartmoor // Brake lever: Eclat Brake // Cable: Odyssey Uppers+Lowers (White) // Brake caliper: Eclate 2012 U-Brake // Brake pads: Odyssey Clears // Chain: YBN Halflink Gold // Sprocket: Federal 28T // Cranks: Dartmoor Flair // BB set: Dartmoor Spanish // Pedals: Dartmoor Stream // Seatpost: Fit (cut down) // Seat: Federal Slim (Black/Black) // Front tire: KHE MAC 2 Dirt // Front rim: Cinema 333 // Front hub: Cinema // Rear Rim: Odyssey 7KA // Rear tire: KHE MAC 2 Street // Rear hub: Profile Totum // Pegs: None ///

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