Web Video: Faction Bike Co ‘Amero’ V S&M ‘Holmes’ 22″

In recent times there has been a good level of interest in 22″ wheeled bikes – a lot of dudes are wondering how they ride – especially taller riders who are looking for something just a little more accommodating. This particular video was made by Shawn Shimkets – he is definitely one tall dude! Prior to the arrival of 22s he was riding a custom standard 22″ top tube – when 22s arrived Shawn naturally wanted to try them! He put together this video which compares and contrasts two 22″ wheeled bikes: the S&M ‘Holmes’ 22″ and the Faction Bike Co ‘Amero’ 22″! This is definitely a good account of the two bikes and it sounds like Faction Bike Co come through a little stronger! We are currently in talks with Faction Bike Co about distributing their bikes! – VS

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