Web Video: Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc edit vol.3 (DartBMX)!!!

Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc edit vol.3 from Maciek Miller on Vimeo.

Just found this raw edit featuring Rafal “Skejcik” Kierc – the edit itself was produced by Maciek Miller; and the film itself was shot at Jutrzenka Skatepark (Warsaw, Poland)! The edit itself is epic and contains tricks like Tailwhip-Superman and Flair-Disaster-Barspin… Just goes to show the DartBMX team quite simply don’t stop! Rafal is currently riding the Dartmoor Nami II frame, which can be sourced from Slam69 – I personally ride a Nami II and you can check the spec in my online review!!!

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