/// Link of the Month (March): Bike Hall (9) Contest Catalogue (on ISSUU) ///

Interested in attending the Bike Hall Contest (2013) in Trutnov? You can download the BHC CATALOUGUE HERE! The course is always amazing at the BHC and so is the list of riders in attendance. This contest is definitely worth adding to the list! You can also add the BHC on Facebook! Bye for now – VS

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Web Video: Bike Hall Contest 2012 (By Petrepetla Cinematography)

Another wild edit featuring the BIKE HALL CONTEST(2012)! This particular edit was produced by PETREPETLA CINEMATOGRAPHY and can be enjoyed best if full 1080p HD (change the settings). The BIKE HALL CONTEST is now in it’s NINTH year; and promises to be even crazier! – VS Continue reading “Web Video: Bike Hall Contest 2012 (By Petrepetla Cinematography)”

Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…

As seen on psbmx.com…

THE CHRONICLES OF CHRIS (The Chris Smith Interview)

Part One: The Lost Scriptures of Smithy.

Stats: –

/// Name: Chris Smith /// Nicknames: Smithy & Valleyside /// Hometown: Welshpool (UK) /// Years riding: 14 /// Supporters: Dartmoor Bikes (UK), VP-USA, Force Field Body Armour, Vendetta Brand and Fluid BMX Store (flow) /// Continue reading “Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…”

The Bike Hall Contest (Dartmoor/Ryys)

Bike Hall Contest Trutnov 2010 from dartmoor-bikes.com on Vimeo.

Remember the earlier post about the dartmoor-bikes team video? I was commenting on how dartmoor were sponsoring European events like the “Balaton Monster Dirt Contest”. Anyway, here’s another example of an event that’s been co-sponsored by Dartmoor: “The Bike Hall Contest 2010”. The video’s was Continue reading “The Bike Hall Contest (Dartmoor/Ryys)”