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THE CHRONICLES OF CHRIS (The Chris Smith Interview)

Part One: The Lost Scriptures of Smithy.

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/// Name: Chris Smith /// Nicknames: Smithy & Valleyside /// Hometown: Welshpool (UK) /// Years riding: 14 /// Supporters: Dartmoor Bikes (UK), VP-USA, Force Field Body Armour, Vendetta Brand and Fluid BMX Store (flow) /// Continue reading “Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…”

/// Profiler: Navid Saleki ///

/// Navid Saleki ///


The level of flatland at any pro event is always going to be off the chain… ‘The BMX Masters, 2011’ was no different! And it was at The BMX Masters, that I was to meet (through destiny) Mr Saleki – An avid PRO flatlander. I personally watched all of his runs at the contest and they were nothing short of amazing – Technical, varied with distinct identity. The finals were dramatic for our interviewee – Saleki snaps his cranks clean,  mid-run! At this point the crowd thought it was all doom and gloom! But Saleki was not to be swayed by such a hurdle – He grits his teeth, picks up his rig and re-boards the almighty steed… Subsequently Saleki turns what could have been one of the biggest anti-climaxes of the Masters into a multi-faceted GEM! – He executes a diverse run crankless; And does so perfectly; The crowd goes wild – Dreams are made! So without further ado, introducing: Navid Saleki – VS Continue reading “/// Profiler: Navid Saleki ///”

The BMX Masters, 2011 – Amazing video by Sevisual.

If you did’nt already know it, ‘The BMX Masters’ RULED! This video by ‘Sevisual’ really highlights how good the event actually was! It features Alex Jumelin, Bob Haro, Daniel Dhers – All the biggest names! Congratulations Sevisual and the riders of course! Ps. See if you can spot yours truly – VS

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