Web Video ~ ‘Did’nt cut it’ (Link of the Month!)

Robbie Meade (of ‘RM FILMS’ fame!) put together this exclusive edit, featuring the ‘RPT’ crew – The edit consists of clips captured for the recent ‘Nike Chosen Contest’… Or more precisely, the clips that ‘Did’nt cut it‘. Enjoy! – VS

Didn’t cut it from Robbie Meade films on Vimeo.

P.s. Don’t forget to check out the earlier post, featuring the video Robbie made for the up-and-coming RPT JAM! See below!

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Event: The Ripping And The Tearing Jam!

Robbie Meade over at ‘The Ripping And The Tearing‘ just sent in a flyer, for the ‘The Ripping And Tearing Jam‘ – In fact, he re-edited a flyer just for our website – Very Kind!

The Ripping And Tearing Jam (Poster produced by Robbie Meade)

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