Eclat Natives Part 2: Nathan Williams from wemakethings on Vimeo.

There’s definitely something wild in the water down in Nashville… Nathan Williams is mean as hell! The name Nathan Williams is a pretty popular name in BMX right now – this kid is famous for pushing the possibilities of riding and taking modern day street riding to the Nth degree! Furthermore, Nathan has a chilled attitude and a positive outlook on life – all in all: One Almighty Rider! Right now Eclat are working on a bunch of signature parts with Nathan – you can source Eclat components from Fluid BMX Store! Continue reading “Web Video: Eclat – NATIVES PART 2/ NATHAN WILLIAMS”

Promotional: Fluid BMX Store.

You may have already read about Fluid BMX Store in our ‘Link of the Month (March): Fluid BMX Storearticle… If not, Fluid BMX Store are basically a Welsh based BMX store, which also has a mail order facility. In short, the store has gone from strength to strength and they are now selling more products than ever before! Check out their newly updated web store! Fluid BMX Store is the leading BMX retailer in Wales! – VS

Fresh of the press: Fluid BMX open now!!!

Yes that’s right! Hereford now have a classy new BMX store known as ‘Fluid BMX‘. It’s rider owned and stocks most major labels, including Sugar Bikes and Deco BMX. In short, they know what’s up! Check ’em out. – VS