Web Video: Van Homan in China!

This is Van Homan’s latest edit and it’s pretty ridiculous to say the least! The story behind it is pretty simple – Van recently flew out to ride the ‘Asian X-Games’. As usual, Van makes time to ride some pretty ridiculous street and the meanest of concrete skateparks. One of the highlights is a guest apperance by Coco Zurita, who busts some incredible lines at the SMP skatepark. The videos also contains cultural insight into an awesome adventure – Not to mention some of the harshest slams! The mission is documented by Stew Johnson. Enjoy! Continue reading “Web Video: Van Homan in China!”

Meet The Nollie Master – The Brian Kachinsky Interview.

“I remember watching Baco 9 for the first time over a decade ago – A film which was packed with technical ramp and street riding from riders such as Dave Friemuth, Chad Degroot and Brian Vowell. Amongst these well grounded names, there was a new rider on the block. His name was Brian Kachinsky and he was instantly recognisable. It was not his style, nor his creativity that made him stand out… It was the fact he was so brave! Meet Brian Kachinsky!” – Chris@VS.

Continue reading “Meet The Nollie Master – The Brian Kachinsky Interview.”