News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!

VP Components have a brand NEW WEBSITE! The VP-USA team now includes James Jones and Chris Smith, both of which are representing the UK! The new VP-USA website is a vast improvement on the old website. The entire VP rig, be it product, team or marketing, is steadily improving year on year! VP will be introducing further product in the next few months – we will have news on them soon! Until then, if you want VP products don’t hesitate to make contact and we will hook you up! – VS Continue reading “News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!”

Product Testing: VP Components/pedals.

Yo!!! Time for some product news…

The postman delivered a package yesterday, from Mr Saunders (manager of VP Components). It contained a range of VP products, ready for testing. The main pedal sets (pictured) are the “VP-569″s and the “VP-59″s.

The VP-569’s are the chunkier model. They feature an aluminium shell, with knurling and grip nodes. They also feature a Cr-Mo axle and removable reflectors. Initial thoughts; look to be robust, feature a trusted contemporary design, and they’re a fair weight – Suitable for dirt, street, park and flat.

Next we have the highly anticipated VP-59’s. These are very light, feature a sophisticated, low-profile shell with superior grip pins. They also look to be durable through design. The VP-59’s have been subjected to a level of refinement rarely seen in pedal technology (at least in the BMX sphere) – There is no surplus material, period. Another point to note, they’re to be affixed using an Allen-key. And if that’s not enough, they’re available in a range of colours (anodized) – Swish! Ref BMX, these pedals would be best suited to BMX racing/trails (Nb. These pedals are actually marketed specifically at MTB riders, ref Mtb footwear).

Service announcement:  A quick message to the valleyside team, we have a few set’s free for testing. Get in contact if you want to test a set! We’ll be featuring a second performance related report on these pedals in the not to distant future. For now, check the pictures below!

VP-569 (Pic: CWS)

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