News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!

VP Components have a brand NEW WEBSITE! The VP-USA team now includes James Jones and Chris Smith, both of which are representing the UK! The new VP-USA website is a vast improvement on the old website. The entire VP rig, be it product, team or marketing, is steadily improving year on year! VP will be introducing further product in the next few months – we will have news on them soon! Until then, if you want VP products don’t hesitate to make contact and we will hook you up! – VS Continue reading “News: New VP-USA website and further VP riders!!!”

Web Video: Freegun Underwear Presents Pro BMX Rider AJ Anaya!!!

Watch VP’s  BMX pro AJ Anaya throw down bangers and tech lines for Freegun Underwear at a handful of skateparks and trails around Southern California. AJ is slated to hit the contest scene hard over the next few months, and you can expect to see him with a smile on his face everywhere he goes!

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Web Video of the Month/ April: VP Components Presents AJ Anaya!!!

VP Components Presents AJ Anaya from VP Components on Vimeo.

This month our FAV web video is: VP Components Presents AJ Anaya! The video itself is a promotional feature for VP-USA, which introduces their new team rider. The riding rules. The VP-USA website has recently been revamped – it is now even better! – VS

Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…

As seen on…

THE CHRONICLES OF CHRIS (The Chris Smith Interview)

Part One: The Lost Scriptures of Smithy.

Stats: –

/// Name: Chris Smith /// Nicknames: Smithy & Valleyside /// Hometown: Welshpool (UK) /// Years riding: 14 /// Supporters: Dartmoor Bikes (UK), VP-USA, Force Field Body Armour, Vendetta Brand and Fluid BMX Store (flow) /// Continue reading “Interview: Chris ‘valleyside’ Smith…”

Product Reviews: VP-69 Pedals (Review by Anthony Kingston).

A while back Anthony Kingston obtained a set of VP-69 pedals from Valleyside – I asked him what he thought about the new pedals from VP-USA – continue reading to find out what Mr Kingston made of the pedals… Continue reading “Product Reviews: VP-69 Pedals (Review by Anthony Kingston).”

Product Review: VP-GRIND.

A while back Erik Saunders over at VP-USA sent a box of pedals to be tested by the ValleySideDistro Team. One such pedal-set was the VP-Grind, which have been on test for the last four months by Mike Higgo – so today we finally caught up with Mike to hear a little more about the pedals. Read on to find out more about Mikes thoughts on the pedals… Continue reading “Product Review: VP-GRIND.”

Contest: VP-69 pedals – The finalists.

As you may be aware, we’ve been hosting a contest to win a set of ‘VP-69 Pedals‘ – In the end we had seven participants who had correct answers. These were:  Anthony Kingston, Jeff Schrader, Christopher Thornhill, Keith EasomSteijn Leijzer, Elliott Staton and Gavin Dau. We also had a few participants who guessed the wrong answers; nevermind, better luck next time! A list of the participants has been sent to Joel Alamo – Mr Alamo will be picking the winner out of a hat! Stay tuned!

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Web Video: Lyons Outdoor Games 2012 (Dirt Highlights).

Lyons Outdoor Games 2012 Dirt Jump Highlights from Tim DaCosta on Vimeo.

I was talking to Joel Alamo the other day and he linked me up with this sweet edit. The edit features Joel Alamo’s first ever 720 on Dirt (01.56)! I was seriously impressed with this clip – The dude just looks so loose as he spins his first double-spin on dirt! He’s riding better than a lot of other riders! Anyway, Joel is also helping to pick the final winner from the VP-USA contest! Not sure how he will do it yet, but you can guarantee it will be a very fair process. In case you didn’t know, Joel Alamo is a famous freestyle rider from the 80’s – Carry on reading to see his full interview!

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Contest: Win a set of VP-69 pedals!!!

As you may be aware, the Valleyside Team were flowed a box of VP-USA pedals to test by VP manager/spokesman Erik Saunders. The VP-USA range features some really nice pedals including the VP-69 pedals! And we will be featuring some product reviews coming up in the not to distant future! In the mean time, we are giving you a chance to win a brand new set of VP-69 pedals… Continue reading “Contest: Win a set of VP-69 pedals!!!”