Product News: The ‘VP VARIAL’ Headset (VP-USA)

One of the latest breakthroughs in the Mtb industry is the ‘VP VARIAL’ adjustable headset by VP Components – The headset allows 3 degrees of head angle adjustment – Fresh Huh!? The headset itself has been designed to allow 3 degrees of trail side adjustment! Furthermore, the stem can be adjusted within two minutes! Voila: The mountain biker now has a headset that can easily be dialled to the handling characteristics required – NICE!

Now the question… How long will it be before we see a BMX rider rocking one of these headsets??? A product like this could be very useful indeed to the modern day flatland rider – When working on front wheel tricks the headset angle could be set steeper; and vice-versa for rear wheel tricks! Obviously it could be used for street riding if could be proven to be strong enough – Again, mint when the time comes to to drop that (as Chad Degroot would say) “Front Wheel Boogie”!

Ps. Drop us a line if your a retailer interested in ordering VP Comoponents – Chris@VS

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