Valleyside Welcomes Ollie Palmer to the UK Sugar Bikes Team!

Not so long ago we received an email from Sugar Bikes. It highlighted a certain “WE ARE LEVEL” rider  as a worthy addition, for the UK Sugar Bikes Team. We did our homework (watching web-videos, etc) and guess what? We agreed! So, it’s with great delight we introduce to you… Mr Ollie Palmer! Ollie, Welcome to the UK SugarBikes/Valleyside Team! As part of the welcoming process, Ollie Palmer & Co have prepared a “Welcome” edit. As you’ll see, diversity is the key to Ollie’s riding. He also managed to satisfy all three of his sponsors by making this a Valleyside/WeAreLevel/SugarBikes edit! Nice Work. Enjoy the ride. SWEET! – VS

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