Y-Trallwng Skatepark Designs by ValleySideDistro (Design Proposal.3)

This is our third and final set of design visualisations (for the time being). You can see our first set of

designs HERE; and our second set of designs HERE. The Third Design features on-site car parking for

users of the facility and pubic services. Once again, these are only design ideas and in no way intended

to represent the final scheme design. Everyone has been encouraged to contribute ideas or designs for

consideration by the council and committee. If you visit our two earlier skatepark articles you will be able to find details on who to contact for more info.

Thanks for reading! – VS

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/// Web Video: Impurity bike Co ~ Chris Smith ///

I had some spare time over 2013 & 2014 to produce this self-filmed web video featuring me riding my bike for Impurity Bike Co. Enjoy! – VS

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