Product News: Force Field Body Armour release ‘Zeus’ Knee Pads!

News Flash – ‘FatBMXjust publicised the following statement: “Forcefield Body Armour is stepping into the cycling scene and have Chris Smith testing out their product at the minute. Telling from the product picture, the pads look like they could work for BMX. In fact, they’ve got a whole line of protection gear that plenty of speedway, motorcycle racers, snowboarders and stuntmen use so why not BMX. Here’s a little more info on the brand and if you’re interested, get in touch with them. If protection gear helps you be back on your bike tomorrow instead of healing up, we’ll give it our thumbs up” (Bdj/FatBMX)

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“Forcefield has led the way in introducing the concept that body armour doesn’t have to be hard, rigid and uncomfortable to wear. We are market leaders in soft armour technology. We design our body armour so that it is flexible, moulds to the users’ body, stays in place and so comfortable that you wouldn’t think about getting on your bike without wearing it. As importantly we have proven that the performance is superior to the more mainstream hard plastic protectors. Forcefield doesn’t design products based on price. It designs to performance first. Hence our slogan “PROTECTION: NO COMPROMISE”.
Designed to be used either in conjunction with Forcefield Body Armour® or independently the Forcefield Climate Control range uses the latest technical materials to create the best possible technical wear available today, and like the Forcefield Body Armour® the Forcefield Climate Control quality has not been created on price but to the highest specifications.” – FFBA

Rider Comments:

“I’ve been using these pads for over a month now and so far I have been very impressed with how they feel, look and perform. Pat on the back to Force Field Body Armour for getting involved with BMX and MTB!” – Chris Smith (FFBA Supported Athlete)

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