Content Standards / Content Standards for Contributors:

Our Content Standards are applicable to any materials featured on the website. This includes Contributions.

Website Contributions can take the form of written articles and any interactive services associated with it (Pod-Casts, Web Videos, Photography, Design Work, etc).

As a Prospective Contributor your work will first be ‘vetted’ by the Website Editor(s) to ensure it meets our rigorous benchmark standards. If the Prospective Contribution passes this process successfully the works or articles will be published.

The contributor will more than likely be paid a nominal fee or receive a free gift in return for their time and efforts.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that we have no editorial control over the RSS Feeds – these are controlled by their service providers who have good editorial standards. We have observed these service providers for considerable time before deciding to adopt their RSS Feeds.

To make a contribution to our website you must meet our General Editorial Standards – these are the same standards that our editorial team work to in-house.

Contributors must comply with the following standards:

The content of the contribution(s) must be accurate in terms of facts and/or details relating to an Event, Product or Advertisement. 

All opinions must be genuinely held, unless it’s made clear that the opinions are fictitious, or for example, sarcastic. We believe in ‘dumbing-down’ – this does not imply we believe our readership lacks intelligence – it’s merely a way of avoiding reader misinterpretation.

All contributions must comply with applicable UK and European Laws. The contribution must also comply with any relevant laws in countries where the article is published or broadcasted.

Contributors must not publish any material which is defamatory to any Person, Business, Brand, Institution or likewise. If the ‘defamatory content’ is designed to save lives, protect people or improve the overall existence of the BMX Community we may consider publishing – For example, we may consider posting a review on a particularly poorly designed skatepark, if we believe the design could lead to injuries or death.

Materials should not be obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory.

We more than likely will not promote material which is violent or sexually explicit.

Our website will not promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Content must not deliberately infringe any copyright, database right or trade mark of any other person. Please note once again that the RSS Feeds are not operating under our creative umbrella.

Content should not breach any legal or moral duty owed to a third party – E.g. Contractual Duty, Duty of Confidence & Duty to Protect Privacy.

Content should not promote illegal activity. We have no control over RSS Feeds.  

Content should not be threatening or abusive; It should also not invade another’s privacy; It should also be designed not to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety. Content should not be harassing, upsetting, alarming or embarrassing.

Content should not be used to impersonate another person; Or misrepresent an identity or affiliation between persons. In other words, reputation and identity fraud are outlawed. In the event that content is fictitious it should be clearly identifiable as make believe, imaginary, ‘banter’ or fiction.

If you are contributing material for the purpose of advertising, arranging events, shows, meetings
or similar, you will have certain responsibilities and considerations:

Ensuring all relevant details of the event are included (E.g Location, Timings, Prices, etc).

As the contributor you are responsible for the accuracy, details, timings, location and subject matter of the event.

As the host of the promotional feature, we will not be held responsible for the safety and security of persons invited to and/or attending the event.

The event host is entirely responsible for obtaining licences, consents and permissions required to hold the event – we accept no responsibility for errors made by event planners.

As the contributor you are expected to keep us up to date with any changes to an event you have previously promoted on our website. In effect, we are looking to be indemnified through you the contributor, in relation to the promoted events. If we determine that our Content Standards have been breached, we may take necessary actions.