The Josh Cox Interview (2nd time around)

Josh, getting tech/burly!

This is Josh Cox interview from 2009… Unfortunately the site crashed a while ago, so I’ve only just had the chance to re-issue it. Cheers again Josh! – VS

Yo… JOSH COX: Hey man VS: We could get this interview started now if you like? JOSH COX: ok man VS: Ok… Name, age, location? JOSH COX: Josh Cox, 17, Stourbridge (near B’ham) VS: How many years have you been riding? & What was your first ride? JOSH COX: Nearly 5 years now, it was a haro complete, haha. VS: Which Haro? JOSH COX: Backtrail X3, In matt black VS: Sick… What’s your current set-up? JOSH COX: DK Kachisky VS: Nice JOSH COX: I’m currently getting helped out by dk from scoop distro through VS: Cool – How would you describe your riding style? JOSH COX: i dunno really, i do like to do tricks but i like to make my riding and tricks look as clean and stylish as possible and i love tech! VS: Following on from that last point; What riders have you found to be influential? JOSH COX: Riders always change with me; But im really into Mark Webb, Garret Reynolds and Tony Watkinson…. My friends are also a big influence. VS: Have you met any of those guys? JOSH COX: yer i’ve met and ridden with Mark and Tony a few times, Tony let me stay at his house in liverpool a while back witch was cool VS: Are you down with contests too? JOSH COX: Yes i love contests ‘cos u get 2 hang out, ride and party with alot of freinds you don’t get to see often! VS: What has been your most memorable contest & your best ranking contest? JOSH COX: Best contest for sure was FISE in france this year, everything about it was perfect to me! I think it was FISE this year i cant really remember though


VS: I’ve always wanted to do Fise – How did you place? JOSH COX: i got sumet like 26th in pro street against 80 odd riders with dhers webb and that old bunch VS: What’s one thing the majority of our readers WON’T know about you? JOSH COX: erm… VS: ... (It can be anything) JOSH COX: I can’t think of anything.. Oh I used to be the biggest chav ever! VS: Really? JOSH COX: ye, haha VS: So BMX saved your life? JOSH COS: yes! i was the biggest chav through school till i finally i got chucked out in year 10 lol VS: That’s the title of this interview: “BMX saved my life”! Agreed? JOSH COX: i duno if iy changed my life though… i’d say bmx totally changed my life VS: What do you do now? Are you riding full-time? JOSH COX: i quit college after 3 weeks and have been riding the last 8 months really! VS: Sick – Is riding going to be like a job then? JOSH COX: i start a plumbing apprentaship in 2 months though… i duno man iv just started getting money through doing team extreme demos and i would lik to ride for a living but we,ll just see wht happens! VS: Hmmmm… Anything else you want to talk about? Local riders? Local spots? Music? Oh, of course… MUSIC … Your favs!? JOSH COX: music, im seriously in to anything! VS: Ok, Last words? JOSH COX: i wanna say thanks to my sponsors, Scoop distrobution, DK Bicyles, Team Extreme, No stock clothing, Park clothing and Sknux boxers! i wana say thanks to all my friends and a big thanks to my Mom Dad Nan and Grandad who have suported me so much from day 1 with my riding… and u for letting me do this interview – VS: Cheers dude.


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