Watch “Ride Your Way” here! (Web Video of the Month!)

Yooo!!! Ryys just sent me a link for the official online premiere of the new Dartmoor production – “Ride Your Way”. It’s been filmed and edited by Ryszard “RyyS” Syryczyński (see earlier post). Many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and freeride actions on MTB and BMX (from the likes of Maciej Kiwak, see earlier post!) – So there you go, over an hour of free BMX flicks… If your digging Dartmoor Bikes, visit Slam69 (retail) or Locker55 (distributor).

Contents: –

Riders featured in Ride Your Way production:
Maciek Kiwak – BMX skatepark/street/dirt
Remek Oleszkiewicz – Freeride/4X/DH
Sebastian Weszler – MTB street
Piotrek “Przywa” Przywecki – MTB street
Szymon “Szaman” Godziek – MTB dirt/skatepark, BMX skatepark
Marcin “Lesiak” Lesiecki – BMX skatepark
Piotrek “Kraja” Krajewski – MTB dirt
Rafał “Skejcik” Kierc – BMX street/skatepark
Dawid “Szamanek” Godziek – MTB dirt/skatepark, BMX skatepark
Maris Ornins – MTB skatepark/dirt
Marek “Maro” Łebek – MTB dirt/skatepark
Bartek “Jaws” Krzysztoń – Freeride

and in Bonus section:
Scott Alleyn – MTB dirt
Thomas “Leader” Zejda – MTB dirt
Jackson Crowe – MTB skatepark/dirt
Alexey Sinayko – MTB street

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