Web Video: Mike Higgo & Friends/ “Bare Peg Action!”.

Wrexham Street Mix from Mike Higgo on Vimeo.

Mike just sent us the link to his killer spring edit… BOOM!!!

“Mike Higgo and a bunch of footage captured and edited over a few months of riding the local town with mates.

Thanks to: –

Rich for borrowing me his vx while mine was wasn’t working.
Andy Skinner,
Rich Brunt-Roberts,
Dan Lacey,
Majo Koren,
Nick Reilly,
Mike Higgo,
James Alcock,
Chris Owens,
Ethan Turton.

Filmed with a Sonly vx1000 and vx2100 with a century mk1 lens.


The Myrrors – Warpainting,
Dizzy Wright – Solo Dolo,
Dizzy wright – Can’t trust em.

Filmed and edited – Mike Higgo
Additional filming – Dan Lacey, Rich Roberts, James Alcock, Ethan Turton.

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