Web Video of the Month/September: Too Small Bikes (By Julius Salo)

I recently made time to get to know one of our customers – His name is Julius Salo and he’s an avid Flatland rider. He’s also a film student, over in Finland – So naturally, armed with his Cannon 550d, Julius makes amazing flatland films!

His films do well to portray a scene which has experienced limited exposure – New names, new links, new styles and Fresh sounding beats! Furthermore, as you would expect, the film quality is very good – Smooth techniques, sweet picture quality… Overall, the DOGS! So, now you know why ‘Too Small Bikes’ was awarded ‘Web Video Of The Month’!

The sequel to ‘Too Small Bikes’ drops soon! Keep your eyes peeled!


Aapo Airas
Aleksi Ritsilä
Asko Relas
Bert Ribul
Érico Melo
Erik Laev
Jussi Laukkanen
Moto Sasaki
Pakphum Poosa-Art
Sebastian Grubinger
Seongtaek Kwon
Takahiro Ikeda

(in order of appearance)

dfast – someone else’s haven
dfast – skunk’s gesticulation
Relax Oscar – Regular Intervals

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Julius Salo” – Julius Salo

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