Bazsi Ivanfi

What’s left to say about the man who does Front-flip drops, Cross-foot 180 flips & Flair whips? Make way… Balazs Ivanfi has entered the building!

Name – Bazsi Ivanfi

D.O.B – 87.01.23

Hometown – Budapest, Hungary

Goofy (or) Regular – Regular

Best street spot – Erzsébet square

Best hangover cure – Drinking twice more than last night

Best bmx section – Garett Reynolds-nike 6.0

Fav brands – Iron Fist clothing

Last trick you took it hard for – Fakie to frontflip

Fav riders – Garett reynolds, Alex magellan

Current ride – Wtp sleepless frame with eclat and WTP parts.

Check out an interview with Bazsi here :