Matt LeViege

name – “Matt LeViege”
d.o.b –  “Age of The Gonz”
nickname – “The Sez or THE StrEetZ”
hometown – “Voorhees, NJ”
goofy (or) regular – “Reg”
best street spot – “Flat ledge or good 8 handrail. I like tight, weird spots to ride… gets creative”
best hangover cure – “MORE BEER!!!”
best bmx section – “Hmmm….   … Really hard to say, but I think its fair to say Van had it in the past but Dave Thompson does work.”
fav brands – “United, Cult and Demolition”
last trick you took it hard for – “lol well, Dub tire up rail to wip and came back to fall on the manny down. Hurt knee as we speak lol”
fav riders – “No.1 – Cory Martinez, No.2 – Nate Willams, No.3 – Dakota Roche, No.4 – Dave Thompson and No.5 – Ruban Alacantara”
current ride – “Hitman Bikes, Sir Han”