Photographer of the month/March – Coco Zurita!

Okay, okay, you got me!!! We are behind schedule, BIG TIME… But, in our defence, we gave this next post time to mature, like a fine wine – And it don’t get much more BIG TIME, than this months, Graduand in style… So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I hand you over to the man himself, A.K.A, Valleyside Photographer of the Month, Mr COCO ZURITA…  -VS

Rise of the machines...

Outline BMX Photo Exclusive!

“Ever since Mathew Teague became the official photographer for outline everything’s been going really smooth. We try to get as many of the team together
as possible at the weekend and we go to various locations and film and get some photos – Although it’s quite hard to get eight people together at the same time!

Photographer of the month/February – Dustin Millard

Yooo!!! It’s that time again – Time for february’s installation of “Photographer of the month”. And this month we have a very talented man – So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen,  may I introduce Mr Millard…

“My name is Dustin Millard, I am 23 years old and just recently moved from Denver, CO to Austin, TX. As of now, I work as a freelance graphic designer, but I’ve been shooting photography since about age thirteen. Photography is actually a large influence on what caused me to become interested in design, as well.

Photographer of the month/Jan – Ryan Wilkinson.

Yo!!! We have a new concept for 2011: “Photographer of the month”… Bit like a contest, each month a different photographer gets the privilege of being awarded the “Title”, which they’ll hold for that month – We definetly have some good photographers on the horizon, and to start things of we have Ryan Wilkinson (better late than never!)…

The Baltic Games after-party snaps!

… The Baltic Games was a banger, and the after-party that follow did not disappoint… ”Read More” to see the after-party snaps; see if you can spot yourself! – VS

Random photos…


Just dug out some old riding photos, and decided to chuck ‘em online. Check ‘em out for images of: Robert Nash, Gareth Jones, Charlie “Chaz” Lane, Jim “Blimey” Mellor and Chris Martin, amongst other stuff…

Weekender (the one just gone by!)

Yo, hit up a few locations at the weekend – Here’s a few photos, shame about he photographic quality, but ya can’t have it all! Riders include Jim Mellor, Mark, Josh and Jam. Enjoy – VS

Jim, Table.