Locations: Amsterdam Skatepark >>>

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Back in December I travelled over to Holland for The Rebel Jam. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Amsterdam prior to the contest in Eidenhoven – One of the highlights of my stay in Amsterdam was being granted a private session at ‘Amsterdam Skatepark‘. This was a good oppourtunity to ride an empty skatepark! And I was really impressed with the facility – The ramp quality was high and the design was fun to ride – It definetly had a ‘street’ bias due to the fact it’s primarily a skateboard park (it’s only open on a Wednesday night for BMX riders!). Also, some of the Qtr pipes are a little slacker than your typical transition. When you’re not on your bike you can chill out in the lounge/bar where you can enjoy a good range of food and drink. All in all, ace skatepark, don’t miss it! – VS

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Photos: The Rebel Jam/ Park Qualifiers, etc >>>

For most people ‘Park’ was the highlight of the recent Rebel Jam over in Eidenhoven – The level of riding was incredible! Riders like Alex Kennedy left the crowd hyped with the latest street moves, whilst riders like Harry Main left the crowd speechless with moves like the ‘bunnyhop flair drop-in’ (off sub!). After the riding was finished a killer party went-off, thanks to electrical treats from the Disco Dogs and other assorted turntablists. Hit the read more button to check a variety of images from the event…

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Photos: The Rebel Jam/ Flatland >>>

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I’m opening this one with an apology to my homies on the flatland circuit – It’s taken a little longer than usual to upload the photos due to technical issues on my laptop! But better late than never! For anyone who missed the Rebel Jam (2011), the level of riding in general was amazing – Flatland was no different! The images here were captured on a ‘Nokia N8’; and were captured during the practice sessions! Hit read more to peek over fifty flatland photos – VS

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/// News: New skatepark in Newtown (Wales/UK) nears completion ///

It’s good news for residents of the Mid-Wales area – The eagerly anticipated outdoor skatepark in Newtown is nearing the final stages of construction. Judging by the photos it looks like it will be a real treat to ride. And for anyone old enough to remember their old skatepark being burnt down, lets just be greatful it’s concrete (by Acrete Skateparks). Just to clarify, it’s located in Newtown, Powys (Wales, UK)! Check the digital visalisation and construction phase photos below…

Newtown Skatepark – Presentation Drawing.

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News: Flat Squirrel BMX (Flatland specific store)

We roll in an era where a great deal of the media is choosing to ignore flatland, in favour of more lucrative forms of riding – At times like this, it takes a real enthusiast to go out there and actually set about composing a flatland orientated business – Having said that, it gives me a great sense of optimism, to be able to deliver word on a new flatland specific store – The store itself will go by the name of ‘Flat Squirrel BMX’ and is due to open within the next ten days. This is brilliant news for the UK’s (and beyond) flatland scene, as it will allow riders to obtain new cutting-edge products from brands such as Quamen Bikes, Biz House, Zion Bikes and DECO (TBC). With riders such as Jonathan Grogan injecting entrepreneurial fire into the sport, the futures looking bright! We’ll have more info on Flat Squirrel BMX soon, until then check the FACEBOOK PAGE! – VS

In a nutshell, it's pure flatland

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/// News: New indoor skatepark/Deeside Leisure Centre ///

Yes, the rumours are true! Deeside now homes a brand new skatepark, located at Deeside Leisure Centre (Queensferry). If the photos are anything to go by, this place will be a blast to ride! Scroll down for photos and entrants information…

Deeside Skatepark Visualisations

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Web Video of the Month/Jan: The Lanes Bristol {Dephect}

This month we have another sweet flick featuring Matti Hemmings – And on this occassion it looks to have been produced by DEPHECT – One of the sincerest labels on the streets…

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