Product Testing: VP Components/pedals.

Yo!!! Time for some product news…

The postman delivered a package yesterday, from Mr Saunders (manager of VP Components). It contained a range of VP products, ready for testing. The main pedal sets (pictured) are the “VP-569″s and the “VP-59″s.

The VP-569’s are the chunkier model. They feature an aluminium shell, with knurling and grip nodes. They also feature a Cr-Mo axle and removable reflectors. Initial thoughts; look to be robust, feature a trusted contemporary design, and they’re a fair weight – Suitable for dirt, street, park and flat.

Next we have the highly anticipated VP-59’s. These are very light, feature a sophisticated, low-profile shell with superior grip pins. They also look to be durable through design. The VP-59’s have been subjected to a level of refinement rarely seen in pedal technology (at least in the BMX sphere) – There is no surplus material, period. Another point to note, they’re to be affixed using an Allen-key. And if that’s not enough, they’re available in a range of colours (anodized) – Swish! Ref BMX, these pedals would be best suited to BMX racing/trails (Nb. These pedals are actually marketed specifically at MTB riders, ref Mtb footwear).

Service announcement:  A quick message to the valleyside team, we have a few set’s free for testing. Get in contact if you want to test a set! We’ll be featuring a second performance related report on these pedals in the not to distant future. For now, check the pictures below!

VP-569 (Pic: CWS)


VP-59 (Pic: CWS)


www.vp-usa.com (Pic: CWS)

Shout-out to Mr Saunders - Cheers! (Pic: CWS)

Disclaimer: Any photography undertaken by myself has been used as a approximative representation only – All orignal photography available on www.vp-usa.com and www.vpcomponents.com.

A while back Mr Saunders also sent a set of “VP-578″s for testing – These were tested by Chris.W.Smith. See Product photography (inc description) below. And test video can be found below…

VP-578 (Pic: CWS)

VP-578, test video…

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