/// Interview: Daniel Wedemeijer (Pro BMX Rider and Contest Organiser!) ///

The BRAAAB BMX Contest is approaching (22nd and 23rd of March, 2014) over in Holland – to raise event awareness we decided to produce an interview with Daniel Wedemeijer who is one of the main event organisers. So without further ado let’s start things up…

1. Hi Daniel! Briefly explain your origins in the sport of BMX?

“BMX is something I did not plan at all! Everyone around me at secondary school had a BMX when I was about 13 years old – naturally I wanted to have a bmx as well! So after asking my parents for almost a year I got one from the local bike shop on my 14th birthday. Happy as could be, I started doing wheelies all day long, ha ha! I soon started jumping of the sidewalks and curb cuttings – at some point in that time phase I went to the local ‘skatepark’ (2 small Qtr pipes) to do stunts on my BMX. I remember that I got so into it that I started riding there every single day. From this point onwards I couldn’t stop riding BMX and got into it more and more! Going to various skateparks and riding street was all I did besides school. From this point forth, it’s a never ending story… My bike has taken me places that school never could have!”

2. At present, what is your biggest accomplishment in BMX?
“Of course there must be a long list of results I clicked in the past few years! But first I would like to say that my biggest accomplishment is that I can ride my bike for a living! Being able to wake up and only think about riding BMX is one of my biggest goals that I have reached. Also, stand-out results are big things like winning the Fise Experience tour 2010 and 2011. And gaining podium spots on several big events and more!”
How did you get involved with ‘040 BMX Park’? And what is your current involvement?
“Since I started riding BMX I have never had a place to go during the cold winters. In 2011 this all changed after the Vans Rebel Jam donated all the wood to 040 BMX Park. I know Pim van den Bos since I stared riding and got together on plans for new ramps and other projects to get the scene growing! Right now I am riding almost every day at 040 BMX Park and try to help the scene to grow!”
4. Please tell us all about the recent revamp to the course at 040 BMX Park? And how did this come about?
“At the end of last year Pim van den Bos told me the change would be big – this resulted in more space within the building to make the park even bigger! So from there onwards we started talking about what kind of ramps would be cool. Right now it’s finished with help from Red Bull – it’s looking amazing and ready for the first ever #BraaaB BMX Contest.”
5. What was the inspiration for the ‘BRAAAB BMX CONTEST’? And what can riders expect at the event?
“For years I have been thinking about organizing a BMX contest in the Netherlands. This never happened until now! The rebuilding of the 040 BMX park and the opening of a big new section are the perfect moment for the first ever #BraaaB BMX Contest! 2013 has been a year where I reached goals I could never think of. Without my sponsors, the BMX scene and the 040 BMX Park this probably would not have happened. With this contest I would like to give something back to everyone!!! Two days of pure BMX where amateur and pro riders will compete for big prices!”
Thanks for your time Daniel!
If you need to contact Daniel you can find his details below…

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