Link of the month/March: Matti Hemmings, PRO Flatlander – Personal Website!

You’ve heard him on the radio, you’ve seen him on the TV show, M to the I, H to the S (insert drum roll!): It’s Matti Hemmings! Or at least a link to his new personal website! And again, sorry it’s late! But hey, at least you can now stay informed using this A to Z online extravaganza! In other related news, Mr Hemmings is now repping super dope street label, dephect clothing… The futures looking bright! Oh, he’s also doing shows with Elemental Force and killing it on the Ground Tactic contest scene! As you can imagine, I could write forever, but you can do the searching, this is VS, over and out!

He's gonna be massive (much more massive!)...

Check out one of Matti’s many TV appearance! Gotta be down with the kids – They’re the future!

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