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Great news from Deco BMX – Chad Degroot recently announced that Deco were in the sampling phase of Tom Villarreal’s “LIFTED” frame (signature frame). We can tell you a few tidbits to get you hyped, but most things are on the hush for now.

The “Lifted” will be a Breakless frame (no threads). It will have no removable tabs, no cable guides, no chain tensioners and no headtube tabs…simple, clean, and smooth as it gets!

Sizes will be 20.6″ and 21″…

Hard Facts… 

75 degree  Head Tube,

72 degree Seat Tube,

13.5″  Rear End,

11.7″  MID Bottom Bracket Height,

8″  Stand Over height.

Colors: Potent Purple and VillarReal Teal

 “Get excited bubs.”

 In brief, this frame is going to be amazing; and if your breakless this frame will prove even more brilliant! As you know, this will be Tom Villarreal’s signature frame; so why not check out Tom Villarreal’s Team Page over on DECO. That way you can see the kinda riding this frame is being built for!

If you’re a UK retailer and you’re interested in pre-ordering the “Lifted” frame please email Chris Smith at: If you’re a UK rider looking to buy a “Lifted” frame you can also email this address.

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