Profiler: Maciek Kiwak (Maciej Kiwak).


“If you’d asked riders from the scene about Maciek, you’d probably hear that; “…he only ever does turn-downs and flairs”…  “…his bike’s way too light…” and “…he always rides without his shirt!” – There is much truth in all of this! However, I’ll add that; his turn-downs and flairs, are performed in places, that no other riders would attempt such tricks (and a few other maneuvers as well!). In addition, his bike’s never too light (you’ll see why in the new Dartmoor film!).  And lastly, the t-shirt thing, it gets worse… I’ve seen him riding without pants too!” – Ryszard Syryczynski.

Chilling in the streets of Katowice…

Full name: Maciej Kiwak/ Sponsors: Dartmoor Bikes & Intruz Clothing/ D.O.B: 16.02.1989/ Place of residence: Katowice, Poland.

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